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Paper Lanterns and Party Supplies

Whether you’re decorating your house or brightening up a shopping center or any other place, lighting is very important. Our online store has something special to offer. If you’re looking for paper lanterns, accessories, or outdoor strings, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer you top-quality products imported from Asia.

Also, we have a wide range of round paper lanterns, battery-powered paper lanterns, patterned paper lanterns, Chinese paper lanterns, botanic paper lanterns, patio string lights, Japanese paper lanterns, lanterns, star lamps, party strings, wedding paper lanterns, silk lanterns, star lanterns, wedding décor, and much more.

You might think that it is expensive to arrange different parties, but you are wrong. We offer you quality products at a fair and affordable price. has the needed lighting that comes with this unbelievably nice ambiance. We offer different types of lanterns that are always available at our online store. If you are looking for something with a luminous glow, then round paper lanterns are what you need.

Lanterns that are available at our store feature a more fashionable look than you’ve seen in ads. LED operated lanterns offer inexpensive ways to add illumination and chic appeal to your interior. Those who wish to purchase our long lasting nylon lanterns will be able to use them at night swims and different parties.

Lighting Decorations for Special Events

When it’s an important event, you look into the details and take them very seriously, because sometimes lighting could be pretty dangerous and difficult to deal with. The truth is that for your event to have a wonderful look after the sun goes down you might not need much, just the candle stake lanterns from the

Having made such a decision, you won’t have a headache with all the other possible options in lighting. Better yet, these candles will make your event have a more stylish look. They are available in black or white. They are made of the high-quality material and you can be sure that you and your guest will stay safe.

Buying these candles to decorate your event is a good way to avoid problems that occur while dealing with electrical wires. Usually these candles are used to decorate walkways and pathways. If you want your event to look good without having to fuss over its preparation, then these candle stake lanterns in the Paper Lantern Store are the ideal choice for you.

Obviously, these lighting decor items not only deal with house parties and weddings, but are also used in other places like different buildings and facilities. We have commercial grade sockets and cords which are used for outdoor string lighting.

Usually, they’re good for jobs which demand many cables and also for outdoor patio string lighting. These items are an ideal choice for cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, big tents and more places where bulk cabling is required.

The outdoor string lights, which are available at our store, come in different sizes and shapes that are used normally for big events and for a long time. Also, they are safe during summers when the sun is burning hot because the bulb sockets use PVC and they are UV resistant, so there will be no cracking. Buy these items today and be sure that you’ve made the right choice!

Why Paper Lanterns are Important?

Sometimes, when you’re simply having lunch outside on a weekend you find the sun disturbing. Using our beautiful and elegant paper parasols your weekend will be just fine. Usually, paper parasols are used to decorate weddings, proms, and major events in general.

There are different kinds of parasols. Some are made from paper and some from nylon featuring a bamboo structure. We offer paper parasols in different colors that would underline the style of the event.

It is always lovely when the lady’s dresses and the parasols are in the same fashion. We also offer lace parasols and organza bags to carry the parasol. The bags are in different colors: blue, white, and pink. Lace parasols have great designs and perfect combinations, allowing the guests to enjoy the nice atmosphere and comfort.

All of the parasols are handmade and feature a bamboo handle, so they will serve you well during your summer parties, weddings, and other different summer gatherings. We offer you parasols in absolutely different sizes that come in black or white colors. So, if the sun is bothering you through the summer time, our parasols are the solution!

Exclusive Party Lighting

What you need for a more colorful bridal shower or a birthday party is paper pom poms that actually float in mid-air. Our paper pom poms can be placed somewhere around candle holders and place settings.

It is exactly what you need for a wonderful dinner party. They come in different sizes and colors. So if it’s, for example, a Halloween party, you’ll need the orange and black colors which we also have to offer. There is a perfect choice for any event. At our online store, you can also find the best star lanterns and star lamps that hang on a ceiling hook.

All stars are 3 dimensional and you are able to add some more light bulbs as far as each star has a hollow center. Our star lanterns are handmade and dyed in India. Star lanterns are very useful throughout the year, but are very popular for Christmas. People use them to decorate their houses, shopping centers, and festivals.

A good way to add more accent color in an elegant way to some celebration is to get hand fans that are available at our store. Hand fans are not only ornamental but also they are good to cool off during hot summer days. Besides that there is another good use for hand fans that is to utilize the personalization opportunity.

Sometimes hand fans are used in elections with a logo printed on them and are given to potential voters. We offer many styles of hand fans. Hand fans are made from paper, silk, nylon, sandalwood, wood panel, feathered, lace, and peacock cloth. Our hand fans will keep the ladies cool and happy.

Types of Lighting

We know how you can brighten up a darkened room with pleasure and make it look amazing. We offer you our candle lanterns that have no limitations to the styles. These candles can be used anywhere and anyhow.

Our candles are small but they give enough light and create a cozy atmosphere. When you use them in the lantern there is no need to clean up. They are not sloppy like the other candles. The only thing that’s left after their use is aluminum.

Also, you have a great choice of mini hurricane candles that are perfectly used for decorating and brightening up porches and front yards. They can be placed anywhere, for example, on window seals and coffee tables. They also come in different colors.

We could not forget to offer you the famous disco mirror balls since they are still popular at any party. It might seem as if this kind of decoration is old-fashioned, but people still happily use them at parties, weddings, concerts, and other big events.

At you can find any kind of disco mirror balls weather you’re looking for the regular one or a unique one. Our disco mirror balls come in different colors and sizes ranging from 8” to 40”. If you want to make a statement with your decorations, then the Paper Lantern Store is the right online store for you.

Lighting for Wedding

Now, what we love most is trying to make your wedding look perfect! We know that a wedding is a stressful event, especially for the bride, because any bride wants to have the perfect decorations on her special day.

It is important to create a pleasant atmosphere at a wedding. Sometimes people want to do all the decorating themselves, but this requires much time. Good ideas are very important while decorating the wedding halls.

We offer our lovely flower ball lanterns that look extremely nice on tables and furniture. Our grass ball lanterns are well designed. You can use these stunning decorations on the grass or on tree branches and they will look fantastic.

We could not forget to offer you our acrylic ice gem stones and floating water lotus lights because they’ll give an even more lovable look. The floating water lotus lights are just items that are needed for your party.

They can float in your swimming pool, pond, or lake. It’s a sensation because our floating water lotus lights bring you the natural beauty of the lotus flower. These flowers come in different colors: violet, purple, red, and more. Not to mention that they change colors frequently as they float in the water giving your pool or pond a very special look.

They are made of waterproof material so there should be no worries about any kind of damage caused by the water. Moreover, they use AA batteries for the color changing lights which are also covered with waterproof material. Some of these lights come with light sensors which turn the lights off when it is light and turn them on when it is dark.

The Paper Lantern Store is proud to present the selection of candle holders and simple wedding decor items that aren’t less important for an amazing look of a wedding, or other celebrations. There is a wide variety of gold and silver accents for tables, illuminating hallways, and more.

There is beauty in every candle holder that will make your celebration unique! We have a candle holder for any occasion: a kid’s birthday party or a romantic dinner. This is also another ideal choice for a wedding.

The Lighting Lantern Products has wonderful satin kissing balls which differ from the rose kissing balls that you got used to. These ones are way more pretty and elegant.

All the rose balls have white ribbons attached to the frame. These kissing balls can be placed to decorate any party. No matter what the occasion, they will still look stunning.

Our kissing balls are different from any other ones on the market because there are rhinestones and pearls on each rose. How beautiful is that? These items come packaged in a pretty box with ribbons tied around it to give it an interesting look.

As mentioned before when it comes to having big events like weddings or some kind of festivals or other big gatherings you need good ideas for the decorations and has just what you need to make your ideas work.

Our online store offers you our mason jars which are always good for the interior. They are popular in use for indoors and outdoors decorations. This kind of decoration will add the exact effect that you desire.

Our solar powered Mason jar lights will make your event look even more creative and unique. They’re usually used for center pieces, floral decorations, and path lighting. No matter the place, them they will look stunning. Usually they’re placed inside, on or around the jar. As long as they’re placed in the sun, they get charged.

They have a solar panel and a built-in battery core, so at the end of the day the LED light will shine brightly and will give your event a fantastic look. You can buy these lights at our online store. If you need to buy only lights, you should not buy jars. These lights are designed for wide mouth Mason jars, but it’s up to you if you want the lights with the jars or without.

Exquisite Paper Lanterns

What makes a party, a wedding, or other gatherings really fun, bright, and pretty? Beautiful lighting, of course! Better yet, the kind of lighting that we’re offering can totally change the atmosphere.

We can turn your celebration into a bigger celebration and make your event more attractive. Our online store offers you the best and latest event lightning that doesn’t have to be used specifically at parties and weddings, but usual barbeques and regular dinners.

These kinds of decorations can be used in bedrooms, garages, basements, and way more. That will make your house look more stylish and cozy. There is a great variety of party string lights, holiday string lights, fairy lights, and balloon lights.

Some people are worried about decorations that require electricity, but our decorations are absolutely safe because the lights that use the LED don’t get hot. As far as they are safe to the touch, it’s okay to leave them on until the morning.

Also, we have battery operated garland lights that do not require electricity, so your electricity bill will stay normal.

If your goal is to decorate your home or another place in a stylish and unique way, then you need to browse because we’re offering you the safe and high-quality products that will make your party, wedding, or any other big event look beautiful!