Purple Even Ribbing Round Paper Lantern

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Purple Even Ribbing Round Paper Lantern | 12EVP-DPU

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About Purple Even Ribbing Round Paper Lantern:

Purple is indeed the color of royalty. Perhaps it is for this reason alone that it has become an increasingly prevalent color at weddings and formal engagements. To help you exude that justifiably regal essence of yours, we present our 12 inch deep purple even ribbed round paper lantern. While you wouldn’t drape our lantern about your shoulders like a medieval sovereign, you can enjoy being “draped” in this noble shade during your special day by hanging several of these lanterns throughout your surroundings. If you were looking for a stronger use of this color, make sure you check out our lighting options. When you illuminate one of our purple lanterns, you turn a royal background into a majestic, penetrating glow that encompasses all. This deep purple paper shell is supported internally by an even wire ribbing that maintains its orb-like shape while retaining its lightweight nature. The top metal expander also offers the durability needed to hang this lantern, with or without lighting, for as long as you need it. Diameter: 12 inches (All lanterns sold without lighting. Please purchase lighting options separately)